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Profile of Jilin Province Detiannuo Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in September 2009 in Siping, Jilin Province, Jilin Province Detiannuo safety technology Co., Ltd. is a key modern high-tech enterprise, engaged in product development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services. We have passed the certification of the IATF 16949 quality management system.

Over the past six years, our elite technicians have independently developed such products as gas generators, manual/automatic glass breakers, non-pressure-containing extinguishers, circuit breakers and new-type air switches, and our company has been granted many national patent certificates.

We manufacture a variety of gas generators that are mainly applied in automotive airbags, oil drilling, unmanned aerial vehicles, automatic life jackets, automatic extinguishers and bus emergency escape systems. We also supply parts to a host of companies.

Our built-up emergency escape system production line can turn out 600 sets daily. Our manual/automatic glass breakers have filled a gap,both within the domestic market of China and the world. We have increased the efficiency of emergency exits in buses, thereby reducing casualties and property losses.

We have won the trust and praise of domestic and foreign customers alike for our excellent and professional pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. On the basis of technical innovation, we have tightened quality control and continued to improve our service level, so as to accomplish the healthy development of our business and consolidate our advantages in market competition. In addition, we have optimized our management, abided by state laws and regulations, implemented the relevant industrial standards and intensified quality control, thus building a good reputation among our customers.

During development, we consistently cemented exchange and cooperation with a multitude of research institutions at home and abroad to design products and enhance product performance. Guided by the policy of 'entrepreneurship, pragmatism, precision and unity', our employees have constantly made innovations. Every customer is important to us, so with our innovative technolyogy at the core of our oprerations, we will endeavour to offer a personal service second to no one.

'Accuracy, reliability and professionalism' is our service philosophy. We have adhered to the principle of 'customer first', upheld fine traditions and offered our customers one-stop services. We call for developing domestic and overseas markets with the market as the orientation, research as the leader and innovation as the means.

We sincerely welcome you to Detiannuo to visit, investigate and engage in an exchange of ideas.

5 Xinkai Road, Yitong, Siping, Jilin Province

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