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  • Gas generator MGGD
  • Gas generator MGGD
Gas generator MGGDGas generator MGGD

Gas generator MGGD

  • Gas generator
  • Product description: as generator applied fire-extinguisher

MGGD gas generator products

Under a predetermined environment and conditions, receive the pulse current to trigger the ignition device on the generator product to promote the gas generator to work. After that, the gas generator generates a large amount of nitrogen and establishes a certain pressure in a specific space to meet the needs of different functions.
1. Appearance and size of the gas generator

Product appearance

Second, the working principle of the gas generator
The working principle of the gas generator: in the ignition device of the gas generator, the electric igniter receives the electronic pulse current first, and the bridge wire inside the electric igniter that receives the ignition current quickly heats up, and the ignition is also placed inside the electric firearm The first level of gunpowder. The energy generated by the combustion of the first-level propellant is transmitted through the three small holes on the shell of the electric igniter. After the gas generator in the gas generating medicine chamber feels the energy transmitted by the electric igniter, it is accompanied by the gas generator. The rapid combustion of the gas medicament produces a large amount of gas with nitrogen as the main component. This gas passes through the exhaust hole on the gas generator shell to release a predetermined space to complete the entire working process of the gas generator. As a product for safety and protection, the gas generator is not allowed to generate any flying objects during the entire work process. Therefore, in the entire production process of the gas generator product, it must be strictly checked to ensure the strength and strength of the gas generator product. Gas production characteristics.
3. General performance index of gas generator
(1) It is suitable for establishing pressure in specific spaces with different capacities;
(2) Ignition current: 1.2A ± 0.1 A / reliable ignition within 3ms
(3) Safe current: 0.4A / 10s does not ignite
(4) Resistance: 2.0Ω ± 0.3Ω
(5) Working temperature: -35 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
(6) Lifespan: 5 years
4. Functional requirements of the gas generator
The gas generator is fed with a 1.2A DC current, and the P-T curve test is performed in a sealed container with a volume of 60L. The peak time should meet 10ms ~ 30ms, and the peak pressure should meet:
1) Insulate at + 23 ℃ ± 3 ℃ for 4h ± 0.5h, peak pressure is 53KPa ~ 60Kpa. ;
2) Insulate at + 85 ℃ ± 3 ℃ for 4h ± 0.5h, peak pressure is 66KPa ~ 72Kpa;
3) Insulate at -35 ℃ ± 3 ℃ for 4h ± 0.5h, the peak pressure is 42KPa ~ 48Kpa.

5. How to use
1. Check the resistance between the pins of the electric generator of the gas generator, and the reading should be within the range of 2.0Ω ± 0.3Ω.
2. Extend the end of the gas generator with the exhaust hole into a specific space, and use the pressure plate to fix the module in the gas generator installation hole.
Sixth, signs, packaging, storage, transportation
1. Logo
There are laser printing marks on the obvious parts of each product, which contains information such as the factory code, product model, product batch number and production date.
2. Packaging
Each product is packed in a plastic bubble bag, and every 80 containers are packed in a packaging box. The outer surface of the packaging box should be marked with the following signs: the name of the manufacturer, the name and model of the product, the quantity and gross weight of the product, and the date of delivery.
3. Transportation and storage
i. The packaging box containing the product is allowed to be transported using general transportation means. During the transportation process, rain, water immersion and falling are strictly prohibited. Strictly abide by the relevant regulations on the transportation of explosive products.
ii. The product should be stored in a warehouse with good ventilation conditions at 23 ℃, relative humidity not more than 80%, and no corrosive gas.
3. Overview of gas generator production enterprises
Company name: Jilin Detiannuo Automobile Security System Co., Ltd.
Business address: Dengta Village, xinxing Township, Yitong Satisfaction County, Jilin
Business Type: Joint Stock Company Limited
Business scope: production of gas generators for automobile airbags


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