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driver airbag gas generator

  • DTN60I-2  Airbag inflator airbag gas generator
DTN60I-2  Airbag inflator airbag gas generator

DTN60I-2 Airbag inflator airbag gas generator

  • Airbag Inflator
  • Airbag inflator for driver
  • SRS Airbag inflator
  • SRS Airbag gas generator
  • airbag detonator
  • Product description: origin in Changchun City,Jilin Province, China, perfect models, satisfactory size,to make sure user's security

DTN60I-2  Airbag inflator for driver


Testing Result:

 two    blugs
Pressure : ( in the pressure tank with 60L)
Adjustable under 160KPa
Applicableair-bag volume: 70L

Gas toxicity: NoTemperature of gas
producer at air outlet: < 280
All fire current: 1.7A/2ms
No-fire current: 0.2mA/10s
Environmental test: According with GB
Aging resistance: According with GB
Waterproof: According with GB
Applicable temperature range:-35~85
Service life: 15 years

Airbag Inflators Basic Description:

The airbag inflator is one of the many components of an airbag system. The main purpose of an airbag is to slow the passenger's forward motion as evenly as possible immediately after a collision. One of the biggest challenges in early efforts to adapt airbags for use in cars was their high price and the technical difficulties involved in storing and releasing the compressed gas. These difficulties included providing sufficient room for gas storage in the car, maintaining the high pressure of the gas during the lifetime of the car, and producing quick and reliable expansion of the bag without causing injuries. These requirements suggested the need to develop an airbag design based on a chemical reaction that would produce nitrogen gas to